Courses & duration

SSMD Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Moga is approved by central council of medicine& Department of Ayush,New Delhi, Govt. of India & affiliated to the GURU RAVIDAS AYURVEDIC UNIVERSITY,Hoshiarpur. For research & examination purpose we follow the syllabus & curriculum prescribed by the CCIM/ Ayush, New Delhi. The statutory regulatory body for Indian System of Medicine in the country as adopted by the affiliating university.

B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) Course

The under graduate course of Ayurvedacharya ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery is of 5½ years duration (4½ yrs of the main course & 1 year internship).The main course is divided into 4 professional course of 1 yr duration of 1 st ,2 nd, 3 rd professional & 1½ yr duration of 4 th profession the admission qualification prescribed by the AYUSH/ CCIM & Guru Ravidas Ayurvedic University he fee structure is as per Govt. of Punjab. The annual admission capacity to B.A.M.S is 60 including 20 Management & 10 NRI seats. The under graduate course is imparted in the following subjects through the 14 departments having the required facility & staff.


Eligibility for Admission in BAMS.

1. Matriculation certificate

2. Plus one certificate

3. Form no. One

4. Senior secondary School certificate

5. NEET qualified in the corresponding year

6. Gap certificate(in case of any gap after 10+2).

7. ID Prof. (Adhar Card/Pan Card/Driving License/Passport)

8. Residence certificate

9. Migration certificate

10.Character Certificate

11.Category/Cast certificate (if applicable)

12. Passport size Photograph

Note:- Original documents are required at the time of counseling and then self attested photo copies of certificates.

1st Professional Course

2nd Professional Course

Padarth Vigyan avam Ayurvedda Itihas


Kriya Sharir(Human Physiology)

Rachna Sharir(Human Anatomy)

Maulik Siddhant avam Ashtang Hridya

(Sutra Sthan)

Dravyaguna Vigyan

(Pharmacology and Materia Medica)

Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpna

Rog Nidan Vikiriti Vigyan

(Pathology & Microbiology)


3rd Professional Course

4th Professional Course

Agad Tantra Vyavhar ayurveda evam Vidhi vaidyaka

(Toxicology and Medical Jurisprudence)

Charak Samhita-Uttarardh

Swathvaritta & Yoga

Prasuti Tantra(Gynaecology & Obstetrics)

Bal Roga

Shalya Tantra (General surgery)

Shalakya Tantra (Diseases of Head & Neck including ophthalmology,ENT and Dentistry)

Kayachikitsa(Internal Medicine Including Manas Roga, Rasayan & Vajikarana)


Research Methodology & Medical Statics



The total course duration for Up-vaid is two year and Three months.(Internship) The course is divided into two years(First year & Second Year).


Eligibility criteria for admission in Up-Vaid(D-Pharmacy)

1. Matriculation certificate

2. Senior secondary School certificate

3. Gap certificate(in case of any gap after 10+2).

4. ID Prof. (Adhar Card/Pan Card/Driving License/Passport)

5. Residence certificate

6. Migration certificate

7.Character Certificate

8.Category/Cast certificate (if applicable)

9. Passport size Photograph


1st Year Course

2nd Year Course

Sharir Rachna & Kriya

Aushad Parikriya



Agad Tantra

Rogi Paricharya

Rog Nidan evam Chikitsa

Ras Shastra


1. The following factors may be taken into consideration in determining class performance in the subject.

a). Regularity in attendance.

b). Performance in periodical test/House Tests.

c). Laboratory record, note book and clinical history sheets as required.

2. A class schedule card shall be maintained for each student. The Principal shall arrange to obtain the signature of the student and teacher at the end of each course of lectures and practical Instructions and send the card to each head of the department for the final completion before the commencement of the each examination.

3. The college shall obtain a statement that the student has to attend not less than ¾ of the theory lectures and not less than 85% of clinical for practical classes. This card shall be submitted to the University as required.

Note:- Students are advised to consult and follow university ordinance regarding course and examination. Only main points have been mentioned here for the convenience of students.



A separate bus facility is provided to the girls from hostel to the college and from college to the hostel. The college also run daily bus from Moga bus stand to the college to facilitate arrival & departure of other students and staff.