The college has its pharmacy where quality drugs are prepared. The drugs manufactured as per Ayurvedic text and preserve eco friendly as per climate quality drugs are provided to the patient in the hospital. The pharmacy has modernized machinery and equipments.



College has its own herbal garden having more than 263 species of herbs including some of the rare species. Regular herbal garden classes are conducted to familiarize the students with the identification as well as medicinal properties of different herbs.

CCIM / AYUSH can check the Online Computerized Data of our Hospital on URL address (Used ID & Password has been send to CCIM / AYUSH office)

The Hospital of the College is fully equipped, 70 beds facility with staff with decades of experience. The hospital features a fusion of the modern technology with conventional Ayurvedic techniques to provide patients the confidence in the Ayurveda. We offer various treatments with personal care to all our patients. The hospital complex has 8 different OPD’s with separate Panchkarma therapy unit, IPD,X-Ray, ECG, operation Theater, Labour Room, High-tech Lab and 24 hours emergency & ambulance services are available.


  • The Out – Patient Department (OPD)  consists of Seven wings

  • The Out – Patient Department (OPD)  consists of Seven wings

    • 1. Kayachikitsa,  (General Medicine)

    • 2. Panchakarma,  (Five types of Purificatory therapies, unique to Ayurveda)

    • 3. Shalyatantra,  (Surgery)

    • 4. SwasthaVritta  (Community Medicine)

    • 5. Shalakyatantra,  (Eye & ENT)

    • 6. Prasutitantra & Streeroga  (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

    7. Kaumarabhritya  (Pediatrics)



  • 1. To bridge the gap of modern diagnostic procedures, facilities such as X-ray Unit, E.C.G., & Pathology Laboratory are available.

  • 2. Panchakarma Theatres for Male & Female

  • 3. Emergency Unit

  • 4, Ambulance facility

  • 5. Labour Room

  • 6. There are male & female general wards, special rooms. 

  • 7. Pharmacy Unit.

  • 8. Medicated water to drink is being supplied.




Panchakarma is one of the unique therapeutic modules to treat most of the chronic diseases that brings the equilibrium of dosha in the body by removing the toxins from the body by different sodhana procedures Viz.

  • Vamana,

  • Virechana,

  • Vasti,

  • Nasya and

  • Rakta Mokshana.

The chances of reoccurrence of diseases are very rare in patients after panchakarma therapy. It also promotes the positive health by rejuvenating the new cells in the body. Almost all the panchakarma procedures are conducted in our hospital on OP and IP basis




Abhyanga                    Pichu                     Vamana                                  
Patra pinda sweda                   Sirodhara                     Virechana
Sastika sweda Sirovasti                                  Vasti                           
Udwartana                  Thala pothichil Nasya                                     
Anna lepa                                Netra Tarpana             Rakthamokshana
Agnikarma Kshara sutra                Sarvanga dhara                      
Bashpa sweda Uttara  vasti                Lekhana karma